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Little Black Dress Wines Summary

Little Black Dress Wines debuted in 2006 – just in time to mark the 80th anniversary of the introduction of its iconic namesake, Coco Chanel’s Little Black Dress. Just like the #1 fashion emblem of all time, Little Black Dress Wines are versatile, trustworthy, reliable and perfectly suited to any and every occasion.

Starting with a Merlot, still the line’s top-selling varietal, a Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, Little Black Dress now includes eight more facings. The latest additions are Divalicious Red and Divalicious Pink Pinot Grigio, tasteful blends with just a hint of sweetness and packaged with a fashionably glittery capsule – the perfect accessory for today’s young, adventurous and stylish Divas.

In less than a decade, Little Black Dress Wines have established a remarkable track record of success. Named a “Rising Star” brand by Cheers Magazine, April 2009, this fashionable line exerts a wide-ranging appeal, supported by a healthy double-digit growth. Backed by powerhouse Concha y Toro, who manages the production and sales for the brand, Little Black Dress Wines are sure to continue providing glamorous quality at an off-the-rack price point.


  • An iconic name with instant name recognition and appeal. Every woman wants or has a LBD in her closet…
  •  A seeming contradiction: The LBD is both:
    • -A staple (you need one)
    • -A luxury associated with sophisticated elegance and fun
  • In striking contrast to other brands in the women’s lifestyle category, LBD is never crude or condescending or shocking. Instead, LBD is committed to empowering women.
  • Attention-grabbing packaging that tells a simple, universal story: the black dress, high-heeled shoes, clothes hanger.
  • Two of the most respected and trustworthy names, Concha y Toro and Fetzer, behind the brand, both with a long track record of combining quality and volume.
  • Concha y Toro purchased LBD Wines in the 2011 acquisition of Fetzer.
  • Versatile, LBD wines come in an array of classic varietals….
  • …. as well as two blends, a red, and a pink Pinot Grigio with a fun, catchy name: Divalicious!
  • Wines made for women and by a woman, Zidanelia “Z” Arcidiacono.
  • Like the LBD, LBD wines are ready to go and go everywhere: Oscar night parties, birthdays, black dress benefits/fundraisers, Girls’ Night Out and Girls’ Night In parties.
  • Cause-marketing: LBD wines active in a variety of causes, especially breast cancer awareness.
  • …. she will want LBD wines on her shelf.
  • LBD wines are both:
    • -Affordable
    • -Aspirational
  • Only female lifestyle brand that offers this unique positioning: stylish vs. cute, cheeky or low-brow.
  • Can be poured at a women’s business events without blushing….vs. Cupcake, Middle Sister, Mommy’s Time Out, Ménage à Trois or Happy Bitch.
  • Will attract first-time buyers intrigued by the novelty, but consumers will go back based on quality.
  • A price point that works for both chains and independent on- and off-premise accounts.
  • Perfect for by-the-glass, especially Ladies Night.
  • Dependable availability.
  • Consumers feel at home with California wines; California wines are familiar and always “right”.
  • Varietals chosen to appeal to women:
    • Includes all the popular varietals, including classic Merlot, Cab, PN and Chard, to hot-trending MoscatoBENEFITS
    • Responding to growing demand for whites with Pinot Grigio
    • Blends are a hot category!
    • Designed to appeal to Millennials: soft, fruitforward profile with a touch more residual sugar (12/14 g/L).
  • Divalicious glittery capsule with just a hint of “bling” – a perfect fit with the Diva personality.
  • Fruit-forward wines crafted with a “feminine touch” to appeal to women.
  • For women, packaging and the winery philosophy rank just as high as wine quality. (UC Davis)
  • Breast Cancer initiatives rank highest among causes important to American consumers (44%). (BlogHer Social Media Study)

Tasting Notes

lbd-csLittle Black Dress Cabernet Sauvignon: Bright, garnet-red hue with aromas of cherries and berries, complemented by lightly toasted oak and vanilla. Rich, smooth mouth-feel, with a hint of sweet oak spice and lush flavors of blackberry, blueberry and cherry leading to a lasting finish.

lbd-chardonnayLittle Black Dress Chardonnay: Brilliant, light yellow in color with a crisp, fruit-forward bouquet full of citrus-lemon, pear and green apple, with touches of vanilla and oak spice. Medium-bodied on the palate, the oak influence is balanced by clean, fresh fruit notes from a portion of wine aged in stainless steel.

lbd-diva-redLittle Black Dress Divalicious Red: Rich, garnet-red with bright reflections, this “Diva” has a very expressive nose of ripe berries, black cherries and floral notes with a refined toasty accent. The mouth is smooth and round with a very juicy finish. An invitation to drink more!



lbd-diva-pinkLittle Black Dress Divalicious Pink: Vivid, salmon-pink in color, this “Diva” takes center stage with show stopping aromas of strawberry and grapefruit. With a hint of refreshing effervescence, this flavorful rose is bursting with juicy flavors of ripe berries and just a dash of sweetness, with a dazzling, clean finish.

lbd-merlotLittle Black Dress Merlot: Rich, garnet-red in color with aromas of ripe black cherry, red licorice, plum and toasty oak, with hints of perfume, cranberry and herbs. Rich, smooth mouth-feel, with hints of red cherry, berries, and sweet vanilla oak lingering on the finish.



lbd-moscatoLittle Black Dress Moscato: Pale yellow in appearance with a faint effervescence. An extravagantly fruity nose, with floral aromas of rose petal complemented by notes of lychee and white peach. Light and fresh on the palate, with flavors of peach, apricot and a touch of melon. The sweetness of this wine is balanced by nice acidity, leaving a bright and fruitful finish.


lbd-pgLittle Black Dress Pinot Grigio: Light, pale yellow in color with bright aromas of apple, pear and lemongrass upfront, followed by zesty notes of orange citrus and tangerine. Balanced and fruity on the palate with lively citrus flavors and a touch of floral from the Viognier.



lbd-pnLittle Black Dress Pinot Noir: Bright, ruby-red in color with aromas of cherries, cloves and light floral notes. A delicate, light-bodied wine with a lingering finish of strawberry jam and pomegranate.