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Gran reserva serie riberas

Gran Reserva Serie Riberas, or “Riverbank Series,” is a family of specific-origin, single-vineyard wines, in which each variety is grown in close proximity to one of Chile’s major rivers – the Rapel, Cachapoal and the Tinguiririca. Each vineyard location was chosen, not only for its suitability to each varietal, but also because each riverbank site possesses naturally elevated levels of protection from the threats of global warming due to the cooling effects of mountain and ocean breezes that flow through the river corridors.

With Gran Reserva, Concha y Toro offers consumers a line of New World wines with the quality, tradition, and the assurance that few Chilean wines can deliver due to the backing of the consistent quality of Concha y Toro’s portfolio, at an affordable price point – an affordable luxury in the current economy: “World-Class Wines within Reach”.


Sauvignon Blanc
Cabernet Sauvignon
Ucúquer Vineyard in Colchagua, just 10 miles from mouth of the river

Peumo Vineyard, in Peumo, within the Cachapoal Valley

Palo Santo Vineyard, in Marchigüe within the Colchagua Valley

  • Gran Reserva Serie Riberas, or “Riverbank Series,” is a family of specific-origin, singlevineyard wines.
  • Each variety grown in close proximity to one of Chile’s major rivers – the Rapel, Cachapoal, Tinguiririca.
  • From viticultural locations that enjoy naturally elevated levels of protection from the threats of global warming.
  • Winemaking team chosen with same level of deliberation and care as selection of specific vineyard sites.
  • Each of the two lead winemakers is highly specialized, focusing only on specific grapes and regions in which they excel: Marcio Ramírez for Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere and Malbec. Mario Miranda for Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.
  • All Gran Reserva Serie Riberas wines start with the triple Marine Mediterranean advantage:
    • Areas where cool coastal breezes and cold mountain winds from nearby Andes meet;
    • Areas where the contrast between cold ocean air and warm air currents from Chile’s Central Valley combine to produce cooling winds;
    • Ancient riverbank soil — mineral-rich and free-draining, so that vine roots dig deep, resulting in more complex wines.
  • Wines at an attractive price point for on-and off-premise accounts.
  • A real story that consumers and trade can embrace.
  • Elegant, attractive label and packaging that speaks to the quality of wine within.
  • Contemporary New World wines for a new millennial generation of wine lovers.
  • In a recent study, “Analysis of the Terroir of Riversides of Chile,” the University of Chile has defined a specific climate type –“Marine Mediterranean.” Each varietal within the Gran Reserva Serie Riberas collection originates from a distinct “Marine Mediterranean” microclimate.

Tasting Notes-gran reserva

gran-res-cabGran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon:  Deep red in color with a bouquet brimming with intense aromas of plums, morello cherries, chocolate and cassis. Well-structured on the palate, with concentrated flavors of red fruit and sweet tannins.

gran-res-carmenereGran Reserva Carmenere: Intense, purple-red in color with fragrant aromas of blueberries, damson plums, chocolate, and a hint of white pepper. Dense, rich texture on the palate highlighting favors of black fruits, with soft, sweet tannins and a good finish.

gran-res-chardonnayGran Reserva Chardonnay: Bright yellow in color with an elegant and complex bouquet of tropical fruits and toasted hazelnuts, intermingling with clean, mineral notes. Soft, silky texture on the palate backed by a pleasing acidity, with a long, flavorful finish.

gran-res-malbecGran Reserva Malbec: Deep, purple-red hue with intense aromas of black plum, blueberries and dark chocolate. Concentrated black fruit flavors on the palate show good structure, with soft, sweet tannins and a rich full body.

gran-res-sbGran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc: Bright, straw-yellow in color. Intensely aromatic on the nose, with fresh citrus aromas of lime and grapefruit, complemented by clean mineral notes. Crisp and refreshing on the palate,
with a racy acidity and long, flavorful finish.

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