Premium Tier OVERVIEW: Xplorador

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Concha y Toro’s premium tier wines offer the perfect introduction to varietal-based wines from Chile. Easy, approachable and readily available in retail stores nationwide, these wines are a wonderful way to begin your journey toward a full appreciation of the fine wines of Chile.


From the vineyards of Chile, Xplorador is a great introduction to wine, tailor-made for those seeking to push the boundaries and expand their horizons. Contemporary and fun, the Xplorador range merges excellence and tradition with a youthfully unpretentious, approachable, fruit-forward character. Optimal fruit arises from careful vineyard selection by Chile’s foremost producer of fine wines.

One of Chile’s most popular wine brands in the U.S., Xplorador enjoys national distribution. Xplorador wines sport an easy-to-open twist-off cap, ideally suited to summer outdoor entertaining.

  • The X factor — a dynamic, fun, youthful, attention-grabbing label!
  • One of the few wine brands in the market to actively appeal to lovers of adventure and the outdoors.
  • Classic wine varietals that blend excellence of tradition with a contemporary, fresh, fruitforward character.
  • Over the past 20 years Hector “Tito” Urzua, Chief Winemaker for Xplorador, has dedicated his life to seeking out the best vineyard sites for his wines. Expressive, flavorful wines are the reward.
  • A brand that transcends the Chilean category. A great introduction to varietal wines.
  • Notable appeal to the millennial generation of wine lovers.
  • An ideal brand to capture new consumers and start them out on their journey towards becoming a more educated and sophisticated wine drinker.
  • Screwcaps – perfect for entertaining and for quick, easy service at casual dining accounts.
  • Line-up includes Moscato, a hot-trending item.

Tasting Notes-xplorador

xplor-cabXplorador Cabernet Sauvignon: Xplorador Cabernet Sauvignon is opaque red with blue tones. Varietal notes of black currant blend with hints of dark chocolate and soft vanilla. On the palate this wine is full-bodied and harmonic with flavors of blackberry and dry red plum leading to a persistent finish.



Xplorador Chardonnay: Xplorador Chardonnay is vibrant yellow in color and presents aromas of tropical fruit paired with green apple and a backdrop of vanilla. On the palate this Chardonnay is medium-bodied with fresh papaya and pineapple flavors and ends with a crisp finish.


xplor-malbecXplorador Malbec: Deep red in color with vigorous shades of purple that lead to aromas of ripe red plum fruit, mixed with alluring notes of coffee and vanilla spice. On the palate this Malbec is full-bodied with velvety cherry and strawberry flavors framed by fleshy tannins and a smooth finish.


xplor-merlotXplorador Merlot: Iplorador Merlot is vivid purple in color and presents aromas of black cherry paired with pepper notes and a hint of soft, dark chocolate. On the palate this Merlot is full-bodied and round with cassis flavors and an extended finish.



xplor-sbXplorador Sauvignon Blanc: Xplorador Sauvignon Blanc is bright greenish yellow in color with aromas of citrus fruit paired with fleeting herbal notes. On the palate this Sauvignon Blanc is light and fresh with lemon, grapefruit, and gooseberry flavors that are balanced by a crisp acidity.