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Frontera Brand Summary

Frontera wines mostly hail from Chile’s beautiful Central Valley, a winemaking paradise where vineyards are protected by four natural frontiers — or“frontera” in Spanish. To the north lies the arid and barren Atacama Desert; to the south lie the glaciers of Patagonia; to the west the Pacific Ocean and to the east, the majestic Andes mountain range.

Frontera is also about social responsibility. Concha y Toro is committed to the overall preservation of the natural environment, including steps to minimize its water and carbon footprints. Using lighter-weight bottles for the Frontera range, means reduced energy consumption in both production and the subsequent transportation.

Social responsibility, quality, fun, affordability, variety, popularity: Frontera is all those – and more!


  • Frontera: The First Chilean wine brand to be embraced and resonate with American wine consumers.
  • Frontera offers wine lovers consistent quality and exceptional value with each and every vintage.
  • Comprising an array of classic varietals as well as popular, fun blends.
  • New, elegant, contemporary label pops from the shelf, correctly positioning Frontera in league above Frontera wannabe’s and Johnny-Come- Latelies vying for space on the shelf.
  • A “destination” wine brand, with proven capacity to attract die-hard fans, loyalists and consumers to your store.
  • Quality, competitively priced wines, widely available with a taste profile with proven appeal for the new wine drinker.
  • Unintimidating and unpretentious: in other words the perfect introduction for those starting out on the path to wine appreciation.
  • A welcome presence at dinner tables and on wine lists across the U.S., the Frontera range enjoys an unrivaled place as America’s Favorite Chilean Wine.
  • For many wine lovers north of the border, the Frontera experience has opened the doors to a whole New World of quality wines from South America.
  • Enjoyment of Frontera wines is not limited to the dinner table. Frontera is innately social: think fun, casual wines for today’s active lifestyle, from happy hour to a pre-dinner aperitif, enjoyed outdoors or during a sports game on TV with friends.
  • Exciting blends aimed at millennial consumers – the flavorful Frontera Vintage Red and its counterpart, Frontera Vintage White – trending hot.
  • Variety of bottle sizes caters to every occasion.


  • Classic, elegant format for by-the-bottle and by-the-glass accounts.
  • An upscale representation for off- and on-premise accounts of this hugely popular brand.
  • In terms of shelf real estate, 750ml size can be positioned alongside slightly pricier competitors.
  • Fun! Fun! Fun! Frontera 1.5L = the most popular guy at your party!
  • Perfect go-to house wine for everyday enjoyment.
  • Ideal by-the-glass pour at casual dining accounts.
  • Great addition to your picnic or other outdoor entertaining.
  • A natural for your refrigerator door or kitchen countertop.
  • Party! Party! Party! – this mini-size bottle is the perfect Party for One.
  • Ideal, individual-size pour for singles or a mid-week indulgence.
  • Easy format for theaters, stadiums and event venues.
  • Easy to take with you for on-the-go enjoyment.
  • Cute size! Cute conversation starter!

Tasting Notes-frontera

frontera-cs-merlotFrontera Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot: Cabernet Sauvignon offers character, complexity, and longevity, while Merlot adds softer tannins and elegance. The wine is fruity with aromas of chocolate, black plums and vanilla. A medium body gives way to black cherry flavors, soft tannins and a pleasing finish.

frontera-csFrontera Cabernet Sauvignon: The color of the wine is a deep, garnet-red with aromas of cherries and blackberries. This Cabernet Sauvignon is very concentrated, rich in flavor, perfectly balanced, and boasts a satisfying and lingering finish.


frontera-carmenereFrontera Carmenere: The color of the wine is deep, dark purple. The wine is rich with dark plum, black currant, and chocolate aromas. On the palate, there are notes of dark plums and spice, generously framed by toasty American oak with a soft and well-structured mouth filling texture.


frontera-chardonnayFrontera Chardonnay: The color of the wine is light yellow. It is an expressive wine with alluring aromas of pineapple, citrus, and vanilla. This elegant wine is balanced with an attractive acidity and a long, memorable finish.

frontera-malbecFrontera Malbec: Frontera Malbec exhibits a deep, dark purple-red color leading to a bouquet of fresh red fruits folded with coffee notes. The palate is highlighted by mouth-filling black cherry and dark plum flavors, elegantly wrapped with subtle spice and velvety, gentle tannins.


frontera-merlotFrontera Merlot: The color of the wine is a deep red with great intensity. On the nose, the wine shows delicious hints of plums and herbs. This Merlot reveals hints of chocolate and spice, while integrating perfectly with the dark fruit flavors. The wine is smooth with great structure.


frontera-moscatoFrontera Moscato: The wine is a bright yellow color with golden notes. On the nose, fresh fruit and floral perfume aromas are complimented by hints of honey. Fresh, lightly sweet on the palate with slight acidity with good persistence.


frontera-pgFrontera Pinot Grigio: The color of the wine is a clean and bright straw yellow. On the nose, the wine displays lifted notes of fresh pear. Gentle, round and mouth filling on the palate with crisp acidity for a refreshing finish.


frontera-pnFrontera Pinot Noir: Youthful, bright ruby red in color, with garnet hues. Fresh and fruity on the nose, with notes of red fruits such as cherries and strawberries. Soft texture and light to medium-bodied on the palate, with youthful fruit flavor, bright acidity, and a lingering finish.


frontera-sbFrontera Sauvignon Blanc: Bright, greenish yellow in color, the Frontera Sauvignon Blanc shows true varietal character with notes of peaches and fresh citrus. On the palate, the wine is Light and fresh with a balanced palate and an attractive, crisp acidity.


frontera-shirazFrontera Shiraz: The color is an intense red. The wine presents aromas of red fruit with a strong, cherry aroma. Shiraz grapes produce a deep, dark, dense wine, with smooth tannins and rich, red fruit flavors.


frontera-vintage-redFrontera Vintage Red: Brilliant ruby-red in color with purple hues. Fruity on the nose, with black cherry and plum jam aromas with hints of vanilla and spice. Smooth, round texture on the palate, with a nice balance of fruit flavors and tannins.