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Birds & bees Summary

Let me tell you about the Birds and the Bees… Fresh and engaging, with appealing, easy-to-love, slightly sweeter taste profiles, relatively light alcohol content and whimsical, enchanting, packaging designed to bring a smile to the face, the Birds & Bees Sweet Red and Sweet White wines speak to a younger generation of wine lovers and those starting to savor the joys of wine for the first time. Trivento’s new specialty tier wines are a relatively new entry, but in common with all Trivento wines are made with the utmost care and emphasis on quality and value. Grapes are harvested at optimum ripeness, with fermentation interrupted to preserve the inherent natural sweetness of the grapes. These are wine created for carefree, festive enjoyment, in the company of family, good friends, with food — and always with a sense of fun!

  • Naturally sweet from residual sugar leftover from interrupted fermentation.
  • Sweet Malbec two hot categories in the US market: Malbec and Sweet Reds.
  • Sweet Natural White: two growing categories in the US Market: White Blends and Sweet Whites.
  • Available at a competitive price point within the category.
  • Whimsical packaging that stands out from the competition and appeals to target demographic.
  • Tailor-made for parties and cocktails.
  • Drink solo or enjoy with food.
  • Excellent as an aperitif, but easily pairs with a wide variety of foods, including spicy & ethnic cuisine, as well as cheese & desserts.
  • No complicated or intimidating varietal labeling for the first-time drinker.
  • Notable appeal to the Millennial Generation.
  • Screwcaps—perfect for entertaining and for quick easy service at casual dining accounts.

Tasting Notes

birds-bees-malbecBirds & Bees Sweet Malbec: Rich violet-red in color, with blue hues. Bursting with delightful aromas of honeysuckle and orange on the nose. Ripe red fruits and a balanced sweetness on the palate create an enchanting wine that’s both gorgeous on its own and mingles well in a crowd!


birds-bees-natural-whiteBirds & Bees Sweet Natural White: A light, straw-yellow in color, with greenish hues. Alluring notes of tropical fruit on the nose, flirt with aromas of jasmine, pear and ripe peaches. A delightfully sweet, yet refreshing white wine which evokes sunshine, laughter, passion and romance!