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Argentina Portfolio overview

When in the mid-1990s Concha y Toro, Chile’s leading wine producer, announced the purchase of vineyards (now accounting for 3,185 acres) in the Mendoza region of neighboring Argentina, there was little doubt on either side of the Andes that change was in the air. Wind is the agent of change, so it was only fitting that the new venture was named “Trivento” (Three Winds), a whimsical reference to three winds that sweep through Mendoza at different times of year, each with a powerful impact on the region’s climate and environment.

At every level, Trivento wines provide superb value and an authentic expression of the world-class potential of Argentine winemaking and terroir. With vineyards in the Maipú, Tupungato and Rivadavia districts, Trivento exemplifies the benefits of high-altitude viticulture, ranging from the iconic Eolo Malbec to its award-winning collection of Reserve varietal wines. Winemaking is supervised by a trio of winemakers, with Victoria Prandina responsible for oversight of the winery’s icon wine, Trivento Eolo, Germán Di Césare for Trivento’s Premium-tier wines, and Maximiliano Ortíz for the best-selling Trivento Reserve range.

  1. A LEADING NAME IN FINE QUALITY WINES FROM ARGENTINA: Argentine wines are in universal hot demand – especially Malbec. In the U.S. and around the world, the Trivento name is synonymous with high-quality, outstanding value Argentine wines at every price-point.
  2. BACKED BY CONC HA Y TORO , RECOGNIZED AS ONE OF THE WORLD ’S MOST ADMIRED WINE PRODUCERS , Trivento is indisputably one of the best capitalized, most professionally managed wine estates in Argentina.
  3. ESTATE -BOTTLED WINES from a winery that enjoys full control of its extensive vineyard holdings, located in the finest growing areas, and close, long-term relationships with select contract growers. And when it comes to winemaking, Trivento’s winemakers enjoy access to every conceivable resource available, facilitating a decidedly boutique approach towards the production of each and every wine.
  • BTG: Trivento Reserve Malbec, Amado Sur Malbec Blend
  • BTB: Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec
  • Luxury: Trivento Eolo Malbec


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